The Story of Tezfitness

My name is Cortez Wallace. I discovered fitness back in high school. I was always active as a kid. I and friends would ride bikes, play king ball(it’s Tag but with a football),play sports, race, and just live the kid dream. I got intrigued with fitness when I graduated the 8th grade. I played football for Lafollette Park District team – Wildcats. I also played flag football in middle school which only got more interested in fitness once I hit high school. I was 5’5, 100-110 lbs., and just little as can be. I wanted to play football so I decided to put some size on. I came to a conclusion that just drinking my milk and eating my veggies won’t make me 6 feet. I decided since it didn’t seem like I was growing anymore, to get wider. I decided to put some size on. I started getting bigger, and I noticed all the benefits that fitness has to bring. I played football all 4 years, ran track 2 years, wrestled for a year (went 20-1) and played baseball for a year. I was in the best shape of my LIFE. Now, it was then time to head off to college

I and fitness were like BF/GF. My first year of school at Marietta College, I went from 120 pounds to 140 pounds. I was AMAZED!!!! I fall in love with fitness instantly. I loved everything about it. I loved how it changed my life. I wanted to spread the knowledge about fitness. I wanted to help others reach their fitness goals, but also help them in life. Fitness is more than just making gains. FITNESS IS A LIFESTYLE.

Year after year I saw myself getting more and more involved with fitness. Now I am a personal trainer, author, and a plant based — soon to be alkaline chef. I am even thinking about opening a gym. Fitness has open so many doors for me and has introduced me to a new world. In 2016, I competed in my first NPC (National Physique Committee) show and I didn’t place, but I still loved every moment of it. I would have never thought that one day, I would be so involved with fitness & also competing on a national level.

Stay Focused, Believe It & You will achieve it.