Prestige Nutrition Guide

Prestige Nutrition Guide

This Nutrition Guide will give you a outline on what nutrition is, why it’s important and how to achieve optimal health through nutrition. While also educating you on the toxic foods in our world. Furthermore, this guide will inform you on what GMOs (genetically modified organisims)/Hybrids fruit and vegetables, what sleep deprivation is and how it affects your health and so much more.


In addition, you’ll receive:


Groceries List

Healthy Habits

Nutrition 101

All Water Isn’t Equal

What Vitmains/Minerals Do For You?

Stuck with Lbs.

Immune System 101

Sleep Deprivation 101

Cravings 101

Things 2 Know About Protein

Stressful Eating 101

Bulking 101

Heart Attack/Stroke 101

Unnatural Foods

Foods that HEAL

Fruit Digestion 101

5 Toxic Substances

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