Inflammations Enemy

Inflammations Enemy

100% Vegetable Capsule 


Chaga Mushroom, Ginger, Cayenne & Cloves


Ginger is anti-inflammtory, boosts your metabolism, reduces muscle spasm/soreness, aids in weight loss, improves blood flow, promotes respiratory health, strengthens the immune system, promotes detoxification, boosts bone health & relives joint pain. 


Chaga Mushroom helps reduce stress, protects against certain types of cancer, promotes longevity, protects against candida viruses and mircobial infections, improves vitality and well-being, rich natural source of essential vitamins and minerals, powerhouse of over 200+ phytonutrients, and is commonly used as a powerful adaptogen.


Cayenne has an anti-inflammatory effect, aids with detoxification, fights cold and flu, boosts your metabolism, helps to stimulate the blood flow, helps relieve pain and aids digestion. 


Cloves protects your liver, antibacterial, regulates blood sugar, promote immune system, aids digestion, relieves stress, anti-inflammatory, rids of heaches, antioxdants, natural pain killer and kills intenstinal parasites.