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You NEED to Sweat

*information obtained from Eight Weeks To Optimum Health by Andrew Weil, M.D

DID YOU KNOW: there is value in sweating, it’s well-known to be the bodies way of cooling itself by evaporation especially in hot weather. It is one of our most important mechanisms of natural healing, since it allows the body to rid itself of unwanted materials.

The body can eliminate minerals, drugs and some toxins by this route, taking part of the workload off the liver and kidneys, which are chiefly responsible for detoxification and purification of the blood.

DID YOU KNOW: people throughout history have been fascinated with the concepts of pollution and purification and have regarded purification of the body to be inseparable from purification of spirit.

Sweating is one way that the body can dissipate heat; lower the humidity, the better it works.

There are multiple ways to make yourself sweat:

  1. hit the steamroom

  2. hit the sauna

  3. lay out in the sun

  4. exercise

  5. sweat bathing

DID YOU KNOW: Sweat bathing induces dramatic changes in physiology, especially in cardiovascular function, but recovery is rapid once you leave the hot chamber, and unless you have significant cardiovascular disease, the changes probably give the heart and arteries a healthy workout.


After you hit the sauna, finish with a cold showe, Many people find that it leaves them glowing with vitality. In addition, the effects of the sweat bath on your energy level, mood, state of tension, and sleep, as well as any affects on your skin, muscles and joints.

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