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There a millions, billions and maybe even Trillions of reasons why people give up. People have so many reasons or excuses as for why they aren’t living a certain dream, doing a certain task or just completing/reaching a goal.

Here are 16 Reasons WHY PEOPLE GIVE UP

  1. Expect fast results

  2. Stop believing in themselves

  3. Get stuck in the past

  4. Dwell on mistakes

  5. Fear the future

  6. Resist change

  7. Give up their power

  8. Believe in their weaknesses

  9. Feel the world owes them something

  10. Fear failure more than desire success

  11. Never visualize what is possible

  12. Feel they have something to lose

  13. Overwork

  14. Assume their problems are unique

  15. See failure as the signal to turn back

  16. Feel sorry for themselves

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