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When You Exercise?

*information obtained from African American Healthy by Richard Walker Jr, M.D

Every time you exercise, your body requires extra energy, which it takes in the form of glucose in your blood. Glucose sources: grapes, blueberries, mangoes, raspberries, apples, blackberries, papaya, cherries, peaches, dates, pears and plums. Glucose is the basic source of energy for all living things; it supplies the body with quick energy.

80% of glucose is absorbed by the intestines ONLY

20% of glucose is absorbed by the liver

Any brief period of physical activity will do this, but continuous moderate exercise raises your body’s use of glucose by 20x times it’s normal rate. Physical effort lowers your blood sugar.

Studies have shown that strength training, such as weight lifting can control blood sugar to a degree comparable to medication, while also helps you lose the excess weight that contributes to your insulin resistance.

Aerobic training which refers to any exercise that keeps your heart rate up over a prolonged period of time; not only does it lower your blood glucose, but it also improves the circulation in your arms and legs which is a problem that is common to a person with diabetes. Aerobics also rids you of stress, and helps you sleep better at night.

Training Tip: 3 to 5x times per week / 30 mins a day

BEWARE! If the activity is too intense, it can sometimes release stress hormones’ that increase the glucose level in your blood, which would result in the need for a little extra insulin after a heavy workout.

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