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What’s your “Stumble Response” ?

Quote from the book I’m reading “Glory Days” — everyone stumbles; the difference is in the response.

This quote simply says; everyone fails, everyone has setbacks, everyone go through rough patches/hard times, everyone have dealt with a tragic event. However, the most important thing you need to focus on is recovering. How you’ll bounce back from the stumble.

Everyone will stumble. But it’s not that you stumble but how you react to the stumble. Most of us let that stumble turn into a fall because we are putting the stumble on a pedestal — meaning we are making it bigger than it really is.

When you stumble you have to acknowledge it, learn from it and then move on.

  1. Acknowledge it — see what it was that cause the stumble — habits, environment, etc

  2. Learn from it — learn from your mistakes. “Failures are fatal only if we fail to learn from them”

  3. Move On — stop hanging on to the past. There ain’t no future in the past. So live in the NOW!

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