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*information obtained by Pastor Darby

There are various topics thorough this post; this are the takeaways from the SERMON

AMERICA will NEVER be GREAT because it runs from it’s PAST; it doesn’t admit its wrongs.

People will call you racist for revealing the truth about what people did. So, how could it be racism when the people who did it kept it out of the book? How could it be racist by uncovering what the racist made sure not to tell you?

DID YOU KNOW: the slaveowners had sex with the women and that produced light-skin individuals.

DID YOU KNOW: You are educated to be ignorant; because the real truth you don’t know.

Education is a Oxymoron.

The more educated a person gets the more atheist minded they become; they then start to rely on psychology rather than on the word of God.

Our conditioning as African Americans (Children of Isarel) are a direct result of not understanding race; we don’t realize to other people that it is all about race. We don’t know because we’ve been trained through the liberal education system to not look at race.

However, race is in the bible; what do you think tribes were?



When one race subverts another race, the goal is to erase your history so you only know what their race has accomplished which keeps you in servitude.

THINK ABOUT IT: If I frame everything you’ve learned with we are up here and you are down here then; I have enslaved you in your mind. (hence why they say the mind can be a prison)

DID YOU KNOW: In order to believe you can do something, you will need to go back and see what you have done; hence the reason why they went to Egypt and destroyed the noses of the statues and referred to the Egyptians as whites because now the Blacks in America can not tie their connection to the Egyptians which would have helped us see that we weren’t what they said we were (lazy, slothful, and etc.)

DID YOU KNOW: Darker races all have oral history; hence if you go to Africa the history of tribes are passed down their stories.

You think things happen when they wrote it. For example, Columbus discovering America when we know that their were Blacks (Hebrews) way before his so called discovery.

WHY didn’t they tell us about that? Because in order to keep you down; I must make you think you always were down. I must erase your kings, your dignity and your honor. I must erase all your accomplishments, and make you think you were nothing but a feeder; I must erase the fact that you built a whole nation but you never we paid for.

DID YOU KNOW: All slaves were not cotton pickers. There were slaves who were carpenters, builders, gardeners, and more.


Our black skin was used against us as a weakness; when DNA and mitochondrial evidence shows that our black skin is the strongest skin you can have; the strongest makeup is a black man & black woman.

These liberal lies that are thrown out there are based upon you not researching; they are based on you receiving what someone tells you but not saying, wait a minute, let me fact check what you said because once you fact check the information; you will see that what they said is inaccurate. They throw stuff out there because they know they have a dumb-down society thanks to education; because education didn’t really teach you anything.

WE didn’t learn cognitive reasoning which is the ability to think for yourself.

You think you are thinking for yourself but you are saying what Lil Wayne or Beyoncé said; you don’t have your own mind, you are just using what CNN, WGN, or news outlets said


THINK ABOUT IT: True racists have the ability to hide or cover his racial deeds.

Exposing the truth is not racism; it sounds racist because if you’ve only heard one side for so long you will think it’s only one side.

YOU must realize we were all lied to; Yes, that means Caucasians (whites) were lied to as well. They believe in their whiteness or superiority.

DID YOU KNOW: Abraham didn’t free the slaves

The TRUTH shall set you free because all truth has liberating power.

Truth breaks our mind-prison and breaks the boundaries of cognitive thought.

We have knowledge without wisdom (thinking/reasoning/not seeing what everyone sees)

DID YOU KNOW: Hollywood movies are liberal revisionism which means they are teaching you what they want you to think about history; they leave out the truth. For example, slavery movies only dictate blacks in certain light but they don’t highlight their skills and trades we had; they dictate us are sloths, lazy, slow, and cotton pickers.

You ever noticed how people want to get along once you start uncovering the past; like when we discovered that Jesus wasn’t Black (Hebrew) now everyone is like why does it matter, can’t we just get along. However, it must mattered because they wouldn’t have depicted Jesus in a certain way if his skin color didn’t matter.

AMERICA apologized and gave reparations to everyone they harmed besides the Hebrews (Slaves) who they stole from Africa and who built this nation.

  1. Apologized to the Japanese for what they did to them in WW2; they compensated them with reparations

  2. They apologized to the Indians and gave them reservation land and they didn’t even have to pay taxes which they used land to build casinos

  3. They compensated every group that was wrong even the Jews in Germany who was compensated for WW2 and are still being compensated until this day.

WHY are they worried about what Blacks (Hebrews) will do with their reparation money?

If you don’t tell the truth; there is a problem. Someone purposely left out the African’s history


Our war is spiritual and it’s about strongholds.

Strongholds are a well-fortified fortress, a place that serves as a center of affection or any group sharing certain opinions and altitudes

The fight is against the mindset that has been formed by faulty information or lies; so we are fighting the way people think based upon the lies that the education system has taught.

So the same lies we were taught, whites were taught that’s why they think their superior when all scientific evidence says they have a recessive gene.

DID YOU KNOW: Pretty eyes believe it or not is a weakness,; light skin is a weakness because it’s a melatonin defective gene. WHY do you think they don’t talk about it?

  1. Whites (Caucasians) have weaker bones

  2. Blacks (Hebrews) hair snaps back because it’s strong. If you go to the dentist, they will tell you blacks (Hebrews) have some of the strongest bones hence they hate pulling your teeth.

  3. You ever notice how runaway models look like DEATH; that’s a death style/look

DID YOU KNOW: Adam means Red and in Africa the dirt is red. Adam was made from the dirt and that shows who were the first people on earth. Who skin resembles the earth/dirt??

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