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It’s already hard being Vegan, Plant-Based, Meat-Free in today’s society.

You deal with:

  1. People’s bizarre questions

  2. Limited food options (store’s not carrying vegan options)

  3. Finding Restaurants aka Food Scavenger Hunt

  4. Prices of Food (even though it’s just plants & veggies)

  5. The list goes on………………………

However, I am writing this list to help my fellow Chicagoans with finding Vegan Restaurants(3) & Stores with Amazing Vegan/Plant-Based Choices(2).

Vegan/Plant-Based Restaurants in Chicago I Recommend:

(some of these places I recommend are on my bucket list for Food Restaurants to VISIT.)

*places I’ve been to

  1. Kitchen 17

  2. HandleBar

  3. Munch *

  4. Uptons Natural

  5. Pick Me Up Cafe

  6. Urban Vegan

  7. Chicago House of ZA

  8. The Chicago Diner *

  9. Alice & Friends Vegan Kitchen

  10. Amitabul

  11. Jerusalem Cafe *

  12. Veggie Grill *

  13. Vegan Plate

  14. Chicago Raw

  15. Native Foods Cafe

  16. Karyn’s Raw Bistro

  17. Molly’s Cupcakes

  18. Loving Heart

  19. Kāl’ish

  20. Pick Me Up Cafe

  21. Panadería Nuevo Leon

  22. Soul Vegan

Food Stores w/ Vegan & Plant-Based Food Options

  1. Pete’s Fresh Market *

  2. Jewel Osco *

  3. Trader Joe’s *

  4. Aldi *

  5. Foodsmart

  6. The Dill Pickle Food Co-op

  7. Mariano’s *

  8. Morse Fresh Market

  9. Chicago Health Foods

  10. Green Grocer Chicago

  11. Harvest Time Foods

  12. Walmart (kind of) *

  13. Fresh Market Place

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