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Update on Life

What’s up everyone!

I am going to start sharing more stories from my life because I want to share my life with the world. I want to inspire, motivate, and lead others by being a amazing role model. I want to share my story with others because I might help someone just like me.

A look into my life:

I’ve been out of college for about 2 weeks! However, it hasn’t really kicked in. Now, I am waiting to start my new position as a program coordinator at my middle school. I am also going to be starting as a strength and conditioning coach for this Nonprofit organization.

I am excited about both positions.

I’ve been bombarded with questions about why I’m not pursuing a job in my field. My answer to that is that I don’t love it that much.

I love fitness, health, helping others, cooking and being a positive role model to others. Fitness is my passion! I love teaching others about nutrition, different foods, and more.

I would rather do something I love than do something that only has 1/3 of my heart.

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