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Up a Notch

It’s very vital that you take your workouts “up a notch” if you want to see results. You must challenge your mind, body and your spirit.

Don’t only challenge yourself physically; but you need to challenge yourself mentally and spiritually.

When you’re working out you’re challenging your physical body but you are also challenging the mental and the spirit.

You may be thinking how so:

  1. Workouts demand a lot out of you and most of them require you to push past a threshold or limitation — when you are pushing past a threshold or limitation you are using your mental and spirit to help your physical

What I’ve Been Doing Lately

  1. I’ve been turning my workouts into obstacle courses — which means the workout is NON STOP and it pushes me outside my comfort zone. During the workout, I’m using my mental to push myself through the workout and also my spirit as well.

  2. The workouts have been very intense and challenging. However, thanks to the workouts I’ve gotten stronger mentally, physically and spiritually

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