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*information obtained from Pastor Stephen Darby

Consistency is everything; if you aren’t consistent you will never build anything.

Teaching and Leading is two different things.

Teaching is just regurgitated knowledge; whatever you read, you can tell someone about what you read. I could tell you what to do but not do it myself.

Age doesn’t make you a leader. A title doesn’t make you a leader either

Great leaders have the ability to reproduce.

A great leader doesn’t tell you what to do; they model what to do.

You can never be a leader except at some point in your life, you have been lead.

No Leader; basically no one would be a good leader if they have never been lead.

In order to lead you I must:

  1. Relate to you

  2. Understand leadership

Great leaders are built but what builds a great leader is not what you think. You think constant encouragement builds a great leader. However, it’s the total opposite, what builds a true balanced leader is correction.

True leaders are created by correction

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