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Trickery Words = Loaded Calories

When you go out to eat, it’s intriguing to see how creative places can get when coming up with names for food.

Beware!! Even though that name sounds harmless or funny; these food choices can be loaded with calories.

Trickery Words Used

  1. Golden Crispy, Battered, Crusted, Pan, Light or Deep Fried

  2. Loaded, Jumbo, Stacked

  3. Creamy, Casserole, Cream Sauce

  4. Curry, Alfredo, Chowder

  5. Sweet/Sour, Coated, Dipped in batter

  6. Wrapped in puffed pastry

These are some of the names of menu items at some of your favorite restaurants. So if you are concerned about your weight or just being healthy in general; next time your out, it would be best for you to take a closer look at the menu names.

The menu usually gives an estimate of how many calories would be in your food.

For example,

Loaded Baked Potato vs Baked Potato

Which one you think has more calories?

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