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Toxic Behaviors

We all have times in life where our energy or focus in not where we want it to be.

We all have 10 Toxic Behaviors that can hurt us more than it can help us. In addition, these behaviors leech from one another because as you start with one; you’re more likely to go on to the next one. Which creates more anxiety and stress, which impacts your life and even others in a negative way. So now you’re wondering what are these toxic behaviors?

Ten Toxic Behaviors

  1. Comparison | comparing myself to others

  2. Envy | wanting what someone else has

  3. Hatred | extreme dislike or disgust

  4. Worry | creates more anxiety and stress in your life

  5. Bitterness | holding anger or holding grudges

  6. Jealousy | feeling resentment against someone because of that person’s rivalry, success, or advantages

  7. Contradicting | second guessing yourself which leads to stress and anxiety

  8. Procrastination | putting off what you know needs to be done

  9. Fear | false evidence appearing real ( living in the world of ” What If”)

  10. Judgment | judging a book by its covers

Which behaviors do you indulge in? What do you think you need to do to change those behaviors? How do you think those behaviors impact your life and other beings life?

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