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*information obtained from Pastor Darby

Seeing is painful especially if you’ve been in the dark a long time.

The bible says “Men love darkness because their deeds aren’t easily seen”

As society has shown us; those who do evil deeds NEVER won’t their deeds to be brought to LIGHT.

However, once their deeds come to light they HATE it. WHY?

They hate it because now they can no longer do their deeds without being convicted. They can no longer ENJOY their sin without being convicted of their wrongdoing publicly.

Furthermore, To SEE is painful because sometimes we think we have been righteous but in reality we haven’t. We SEE how we have been mislead, misinformed, miseducated and that is painful to SEE. Especially if you have been living a certain way for so long; now it’s going against your lifestyle which makes you question everything. That alone could be detrimental.

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