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Time is LUXURY

We are so accustomed to BELIEVE that we will be here tomorrow. Tomorrow isn’t promised. We don’t know if we will be here the next second, minute, hour, day, week, month or year.

According to Ecology,

  1. 55.3 MILLION People Die/ Year

  2. 151,600 People Die Each Day — which rounds to about 6,316 people an HOUR!!!

According to — there has already been 3 Million + Deaths this year alone & this year has just begun. Only 21 days into the year (even though the new year isn’t officially until spring when the life is back on earths — new trees, plants regrown, animals and hugs back, etc)

We need to realize how VALUABLE time is. It’s not guaranteed that you will make it to the next second, minute, hour, day, week, month or year. So it’s important that you spend your time wisely and to spend your time doing what you love. Follow your heart & trust in God.

So many of us spend our time doing things we don’t love:

  1. Working a job we hate

  2. Going to school

  3. Gossiping

  4. Hitting the bars/clubs

  5. following the masses

  6. The list goes on and on

I say to everyone — follow the beat of your heart. You know what’s best for yourself so don’t take away from yourself to please others. Value yourself because if you don’t; others won’t.

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