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*information obtained from Pastor Darby

Everything is fighting against us to pull us into someone’s hatred. The real war is over someone’s hatred.

If you have the seed of hate planted in you based on past hurts that were never healed; you will be acceptable to someone organization of hate. Hate is mainly designed to isolate you.

Satan’s goal in the last days is to make people trade love for knowledge. Instead of loving our neighbors as Jesus instructed us too; we gain knowledge of good and evil.

We gain knowledge by searching the internet and we use this knowledge to justify “WHY” we can hate someone. We hate others even though they never did anything to us.

We have obtained a mind where if you disagree with me than you hate me; which is not true at all.

DID YOU KNOW: Hate can bring difficulty in relationships

Your difficulty in relationships spring from the seed of hate, and if you don’t identify the seeds you will think that everybody entering your life is the problem due to your lack of seeing the seed. However, one way for you to see the seed is to look for cycles because if there’s a reoccurrence then there’s a seed. Satan’s job is to blind you to the seed of hate which makes you identify everyone as a problem.

The seed of hate is destructive; the seed of hate makes you want to get revenge so you will make the person who hurt you feel like you feel. But remember vengeance is the lord.

The seed of hate affects how you receive/give, how you deal with people and how they deal with you.

The seed starts off as a THOUGHT.

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