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The Law of Release

The law of release is a spiritual principal that Christians must grow into. As you grow in your Christian life — you realize that everyone isn’t living righteous as the say. You start to see the character flaws where they didn’t develop the fruits in their season. (Fruits of patience, long suffering, meekness and temperance)

God was dealing with them to develop patience; getting them out of gossip, stop fornicating, stop being a liar, stop being a thief, stop cheating or whatever unrighteousness they indulged in.

The purpose of God doing this was to prevent them from infecting others with their negative unripened fruits. However, they didn’t do that so now they can’t be trusted with people. God might use them for a specific task but not to maintain or walk with a person into maturity.

At a certain time in your life, you will realize that with certain people you aren’t growing anymore and that is the time where you will have to decide — to cut them off or continue what you’re doing.

The law of release says in order for me to gain more of God, I must release something. I can’t go to my next level of grace without me releasing what God wants me to release. I must release it because when I do; God will fill it with new.

So when people don’t release, they start to fall. If you ever noticed how sometimes people get saved and don’t release people; then you see them right back where they were. They didn’t release the people who were crutches. As the Bible says, evil communication corrupts good behavior.

The law of release means what happen must happen.

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