The Inevitable

It’s futile to argue or fight against your purpose — Pastor Darby Ministries

Trying to fight the inevitable is a frustrating life. If you are fighting something that is going to happen, that is futility. If you learn how to embrace what’s going to happen; you will be much happier. CONTROL THE CONTROLLABLE

Some negative things need to happen to you so you can grow. For example, in relationships sometimes you have to go through those dark/hard/frustrating times and it seems detrimental but really those times are only building a foundation for the beauty of the things coming in the future.

Trying to stop the inevitable, is how we waste our effort, talents and abilities. There are things that must happen.

Ecclesiastes talks all about it

We usually get in trouble when we try to prolong a season that God has uprooted. For example, holding on to relationships when their season is over.

Once a relationship becomes a hinder — God wants you to separate. It doesn’t mean that the relationship wasn’t good or beneficial — it just means that relationship had a certain time and place.

It doesn’t mean that the person wasn’t fruitful — they helped you with a certain task they were assigned for. It doesn’t mean they didn’t help or love you but we must know there are things that must happen. People that must come and people that must go!

There is a reason God wants you to lay a person aside. If he wants you to develop a certain fruit in a certain season he will put you in Quarantine (isolating you) to separate you when you won’t grow.

We need to stop grieving over folks when their season is up.

People get saved and have a hard time giving up worldly friends and worldly things (music, tv shows and movies, money, drugs, fashion, car, concerts and more) not knowing that these things need to be cut.

The ability to release is a maturing characteristic that God is processing in us; he’s processing me to learn to release.

Blessing in one season can turn to hinderance in the next season.

Sometimes we can have fake love and false peace with someone because we are too afraid to let go. However, in our hearts we know we need to release them.

There are some people in your life, and God is like: “ I am not going to bless you with them in your life”

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