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The COMEUP — Newest Instagram

Check out the latest Instagram page I created called the ” COME UP”.

The PURPOSE of this page is to connect one another through LOVE ❤️ #COMEUP

We all have things that we deem as TRASH 🗑 but could mean the world to another being‼️

So instead of donating or selling it; let’s give it to someone directly or leave it behind for someone to find. You may be wondering why I say not to donate it; and that’s because they will have to purchase it. Some people can’t afford it; so let’s eliminate that and give it to someone FREE 99. I recommend not selling because it feels much better to GIVE

You can’t not GIVE and expect to RECEIVE

For it is in GIVING that we RECEIVE

Tag us in your pictures or videos;

if you decide to JOIN THE WAVE 🌊‼️

You’ll be featured on the page and you’ll be doing the WORLD 🌎 a great DEED

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