In LIFE we will all have “STOP SIGN” moments; which are moments that make us stop what we are doing and either adjust, change, grow or do whatever is needed to solve the issue.

Stop Sign Moments could be:

  1. Getting Sick

  2. Getting Injuried

  3. Losing a Job/Career

  4. Losing Money

  5. Losing a loved one/friend/pet

  6. Lack of funds to pay bills

  7. Etc…..

No matter what the issue is, you will have to “STOP” and consider your next move. However, you should not focus on that you are being STOPPED but you should focus on why you are being stopped and what you need to do to get you back moving? Because when you focus on the “STOP” this could cause stress, depression, anxiety and more; which is detrimental and it doesn’t help you.

I am not saying you shouldn’t think about the “STOP” but you shouldn’t let it take your life force; you shouldn’t let it take your days, weeks, or months. Sometimes when we are stopped, we lose our life force. That stop because our life, we start to live in the area where we are stopped which brings more anxiety, stress and depression.

I would suggest recognizing the stop and then focusing on what you will do to get you back moving.

  1. Write a list of pros and cons about the stop

  2. Write about how this stop is beneficial rather than detrimental (hence everything happen for a reason)

  3. Make a plan to get back moving

Don’t live at the STOP sign TEZ

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