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Soooo many TAXES?

It’s literally a TAX for any and everything. We get tax before we get our money, than we get taxed again to get your money in physical form if you receive a paycheck. Then, if I go to the store to spend my money, there’s a sales tax. In addition, some places have a city tax and other taxes that come along with buying certain items.

We are TAXED for any and everything. Even though you receive money back on taxes; I feel that taxes aren’t as beneficial. If they need money for the road, schools, etc; they can take care of that. They already print money when they have certain bank problems like the stock market crash, financial crisis of 07-08, the Great Depression, and the list goes on and on.

I’m just not a big fan of paying taxes on things when I don’t reap all the benefits.

What’s your thoughts or opinions on TAXES?

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