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Social Media didn’t change us; it EXPOSED US </strong>‼️<strong>

A saying that someone told me yesterday resonated on such a high level with me.

So we think that social media has destroyed our relationships with our family, friends or colleagues. However, social media isn’t anything but another tool of information; just like the newspapers or magazines.

You see that when people go out; they are on their phones and not communicating with another one bit. However, there isn’t nothing new under the sun because before phones people were reading newspapers or magazines

People were using a tool to distract them from communicating with their family, friends or colleagues. So now social media just like newspapers and magazines in the past are just exposing our relationships. It shows us how connected we are or how disconnected we are.

It shows were our relationships are. For example, if you are out with someone and there is no communication or any affection; but both of you are on your phone or just distracting yourself with newspapers, books, or magazines. Then, that could mean their isn’t no real affection or love in the relationship. Yeah there could be temporary love (meaning doing something in order get a return) or just family love but where is the real love and connection.

Communication is vital in all relationships but if you aren’t talking because you are distracting yourself with a tool then there needs to be some reevaluating in life. I would suggest to not bring phones to your dinner tables, not bringing phones out when you are with family, friends or colleagues. Doing this will help you better communicate with your family, friends and colleagues and will help your relationships flourish.

Ways to ditch the phones:

  1. Go on a hiking adventure

  2. Plan a vacation with no phones

  3. No phones while eating

Check out this website for tips:

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