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Small Talk (Icebreaker or Avoider)

I’m not a big FAN of small talk and I’m wondering if small talk can be an icebreaker or an avoider.

The reason why I am not a fan of small talk is because there are millions of things we could talk about besides the weather, sports, asking how my day is when you really don’t care, and the list goes on and on.

I feel that small talk can be a icebreaker because you are breaking the comfort zone with someone before you start to open up. You don’t want to tell people everything about you or things you think about because you might think they will view you differently

I feel that small talk can be a avoider meaning that you avoid certain conversations, topics with people because you don’t want to have them viewing you differently, block you, hate you and etc.

However, I feel that that’s the only true way we can learn about others. Learn about their views on certain topics, talk about extravagant things and just get a different outlook on life.

Small talk is cool for certain situations (maybe) but it just destroys real human connection. Small talk doesn’t help you really connect with you and that’s why I’m not a fan of it.

Do you think small talk is a avoider or ice breaker?

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