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My viewpoint on hospitals, doctors and BIG PHARMA is that it’s SICK CARE 101

What’s SICK CARE 101?

That’s when physicians/doctors/nurses are mostly treating symptoms of sickness/illness by prescribing medications to help the person manage their sickness/illness.

When you’re managing a disease; it’s a WIN WIN for BIG PHARMA because it allows the people to continue what they were doing in the first place that got some in the situation; while BIG PHARMA racks up the dough like Pillsbury. It’s very profitable for the health-care (sick care or sick management) business.

So they aren’t really treating your sickness/illness. However, they are just treating the symptoms with a drug ; which has side effects which could cause you to come back for more drugs because of the side effects of the first drug. It’s an ongoing cycle and just like that: YOU’RE A CUSTOMER FOREVER

DID YOU KNOW — In medical school, students receive minimal education about nutrition; what they do is learn how to spot nutritional deficiencies and to correct them.

For example, you come in because of a goiter, which is an iodine deficiency so they provide iodine supplements.

For example, you come in because of anemia, which is usually caused by iron deficiency so they provide iron supplements.

Whatever you are deficient in, there’s a pill for it!

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