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Shopping Lists = MAJOR KEY </strong>🔑<strong> ALERT </strong>🚨<strong>

We’ve got to get back to the old days and shop how the older generations would shop using groceries list. Because the grocery list will help us obtain better health and help us with better nutrition choices. How so you say?

If you have a grocery list; you will then will he least tempted to buy things you don’t need(things not on the list). Most of us struggle in the grocery store because we let our bellies and eyes do the buying for us. Which is exactly what food manufacturers/companies/corporations want; they want you to eat with your eyes and your belly because that’s what they have created certain products to appeal to your eyes and your belly. Plus, marketing plays a big role in it too. For example, you see a commercial for something that’s magically delicious and now when you go food shopping; you see it and you’re like “ I HAVE TO TRY IT” which is exactly what they wanted.

So to solve that problem, you need to create you a grocery list. Either write it out (old-fashioned) or type into phone. This will help you in numerous ways:

  1. Less tempted to buy junk food or things not on the list

  2. Help you save money because you are not buying things you don’t need (cookies, chips, soda, etc)

  3. Helps you be more aware of your nutrition; which is the first step to better health

The next time you think about going to the grocery store — write out what you need and stick to the plan. If you don’t; punish yourself to build the habit of sticking to your plans.

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