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Seeded Fruits

Fruit is a very essential for the human diet. We need to consume fruit and get the minerals, vitmains and nutrients from it.

Fruits provide nutrients vital for health and maintenance of the body. Fruit helps with fighting diseases, illness and it evens help with physic goals.

Fruits provide so much information for the human body.

However, all fruit is not the same.

Now, we have seedless fruit. Which means the fruit has been genetically engineered also known as GMO – Genetically Modified Food.

These types are fruits can’t be reproduced. They were made in a factory or a lab 🔬

Fruits in nature are Seeded & that is because it needs to reproduce itself. For example, if a bird 🐦 eats some fruit and poops it out. Once it poops out the fruit seeds, now they will go into the soil and reproduce itself.

If the fruit can’t reproduce itself, than it’s not good for you.

Mother Nature has all the ANSWERS

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