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Relationship Tip

I know they say that you can’t give advice if you aren’t in that position; my rebuttal would be is that I’m not searching to be in a relationship that’s temporary; I want forever lasting. I say that to say that people are rushing into relationships because they don’t want to be alone; they are in these temporary and time wasting relationships. Even though you can learn some things in these relationships; if it didn’t last what all did you learn about yourself?

My Relationship Tip is to be non carnal when searching for your true love. That means to not judge a book by its cover but rather judge the content of the book.

This means to judge the interior of a person rather than the exterior. The carnal looks on the outside but the spiritual looks at the heart.

Before you get into a relationship, ask questions? You should want to know everything about a person you are about to spend your time with; personality, values, career, responsibilities, etc

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