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I think that everyone should do reevaluations every weekend, or at least once a month. I say everyone should do reevaluations, so they can see where they are in life.

  1. Reevaluate their friends (make sure people are adding to you not taking)

  2. Reevaluate their plans/goals/dreams

  3. Revaluate their food (health is wealth) take care of your body #yougetonebody

  4. And much more

I think it’s key for everyone to take a step back from time to time so we can really see the progress or digress in our goals. I think that when we are in the process of chasing our dreams/goals, we get caught up. We start to get comfortable with things and start to just go with the flow rather than doing some reevaluating to make sure everything is aligned with our goals/dreams.

On Sunday’s, I do my goal/dreams “REVIEW”. I review my list of dreams/goals.

  1. It’s motivation to me

  2. It lets me know where I am at and what I need to work on

  3. I might take some things off the list

  4. I might add some things to the list

  5. It’s just clarification that I am on right track or it’s a wake up call

Do you think you should start doing “Reevaluations”?

#spreadthewealth #changeyourlife #Life #mindset #healthiswealth #healthylife #knowledge #healthyeatingfoodfitlifetezfitnessk9fitness #nutrition

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