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QOTD: Can people foretell your future?

I was in the shower (lol) recalling what someone had told me when I attend this event hosted by my school. The event was for students so we can learn about businesses in the neighborhood.

I visited majority of them all; just to get a glance of what I was surrounded by and to see which ones I was going to see in the near future.

I remember visiting this table hosted by Best One Computers. They provided a great amount of products and services but what stuck out to me was; the fact that they had cameras around Marietta. Which I Never Knee. So I was intrigued and wanted to learn more.

The conversation went on and on as we talked about vast topics which lead to him asking about me. I told him about myself and some of my goals/dreams. He was so intrigued and even gave me an idea on how I could utilize his company to make it come true.

Then, as I was about to leave he stated:

You’re going to be BIG one day. I feel this vibe from you. Then he says, remember me.

So my question is:

Can people foretell your future?

Can people know something before you do?

You ever seen or met someone and was like that person is and he or she is going places.

Where does that come from? What gives you that idea or perception?

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