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Proverbs 18:2| MANY FOOLS

“ A fool finds no pleasure in understanding but delights in giving his own opinion”

Many of us only what to share our side of the story. We don’t want to listen to anyone else side because we deem their side as invaluable especially if we can’t relate to it or we disagree with there side. (HAHA, like we are living there lives….like NAH you’re wrong that didn’t happen)

There are many fools in this world; that’s why I feel there is a lack of understanding between us. We aren’t trying to understand anyone but we want others to understand us. But that doesn’t work because there must be balance. If you want someone to understand you, than you must fully understand them.

Tips to help better understand someone:

  1. Ask questions on the things you want to clarify that they said

  2. Repeat back what they said so you can better understand

  3. Rephrase what they said

  4. Remember you are living two different lives so no matter what; you have to be open to understanding their views because at the end of the day. They are the one living this reality and not you. But also ask God for discernment so you can see through deception and lies.

Stages of Active Listening

Let’s work to better understand each other! “There’s no pleasure in giving your own opinion but there is pleasure in understanding another’s.” — Cortez

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