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Proverbs 17:15 — Unrighteous Court System

“ Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent — the lord detest them both.”

The court system is UNGODLY; because who gives you the right to judge. Who gives you the right to acquit the guilty and condemn the innocent? I don’t care about your degrees, certifications and what you had to do in this Babylon system to reach that point.

In addition, lawyers play along with this as well because they are known for acquitting which means to free (someone) from a criminal charge by a verdict of not guilty.

In this world, the more money you have than the easier for you to be acquitted of your crime. Hence, the reason lawyers cost so much money and if you don’t have a Phenomenal lawyers as they say, than you will be more like to be charged as guilty.

In addition, the innocent are being condemned for crimes they didn’t commit. How many times have you heard of judges, police officers, and other government entities charging innocent beings with crimes they never committed.

These things are ungodly but they will soon reap what they have sow. As the Bible’s says, “ as a man reaps, so will he sow”

As a closure, I will ask that you all with read the Bible for yourselves and find truth. The Bible is filled with truth, wisdom and understanding. God Bless You All!

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