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Pros/Cons of Cooking at HOME

There are TONS of PROS when it comes down to knowing how to COOK. However, there are some cons to this skill as well.

  1. Everyone expects you to Cook All The Time

When you cook, people expect you to always want to cook or be ready to cook.

  1. Dishes upon Dishes

If you cook a lot, it seems like there is never a time when the sink is empty. I can say for myself that usually once the dishes are cleaned/washed. I’m usually about to make some more.

  1. You can Burn the Food. I’ve did this a couple times. ( it’s a learning lesson)

  2. Time Consuming

Getting everything ready to cook, buying ingredients, chopping up food, etc.

Besides those reasons, if you LOVE cooking or making food, the PROS > the Cons

  1. Better portion control for those watching their calories

  2. Save Money: cook at home, so you get more food. Plus going out adds up overtime.

  3. Brings Family Together

  4. Healthier Ingredients: you never know what they put in your food, so cooking at home. You know exactly what’s inside.

  5. Saves Time: you don’t have to go pick food up, call food in for delivery.

  6. Become more creative: you start to make some recipes of your own & start experimenting with different ingredients

  7. Leftovers

I prefer to COOK AT HOME. #Homemade

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