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Programmed to Judge the EXTERIOR rather than the INTERIOR

We’ve been conditioned and programmed to judge the exterior of a person rather than the interior of a person.

For example, when looking for love we look for what pleases the eyes rather than what pleases and soothes the soul.

People usually judge others on what they see and not on what they feel. Which I feel creates a huge problem in society because now we call ourselves determining someone’s value/worth based of what we see. (They eyes can deceive you; that’s why you walk by faith and not by sight)

That’s why people are so quick to down look/look with haughty eyes at the less fortunate or homeless individuals. However, there are times when the homeless have more to offer than what meets the eyes. They have more wisdom and understanding than you; despite their position in life.

That’s why I don’t care how people perceive me, I don’t care what I have on, I don’t care if I don’t have anything that we deem valuable in this temporary world like (newest shoes, cars, boats, phones, newest clothes and etc) because I know it’s what inside that determines my true value.

I am rich spiritually! I don’t have to be rich physically because I am rich in the soul. Have you ever noticed how the people with less are so happy with life and people who have it all are less happy. Why is that?

Here’s two great clip to watch; to show how someone with less can have much wisdom and understanding.

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