Programmed Hate

We’ve been programmed to HATE people who don’t look like us, talk like us, act like us and dress like us. You may be thinking how so?

We’ve been programmed by the news we watch, our friends, family, strangers, our environment and our external stimuli.

WHY do we hate people we don’t even know?

We are fighting wars against people we don’t really have HATE for; however, we have been programmed to have hate for certain people because of the resources our corporation (United States) wanted from the other countries.

They’ve used HATE as a key tool to separate and divide because they fear UNITY.

What’s really the difference between us — besides all these man-made tools of separation like

  1. Class

  2. Income

  3. Ethnicity /Race

  4. School Zones

  5. Religions

  6. Currencies

  7. Job Status

  8. The list goes on and on

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