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Prey to Advice

*information obtained from “Welcome to your crisis” by Laura Day

You become prey to every piece of advice, every unscrupulous ( having or showing no moral principles; not honest or fair) professional.

You will fall into every trap laid out for me.

There are hundred of books, seminars and events held by individuals who prey on individuals who are in a crisis.

They know just what to say, they know just how to say it and they aren’t really helping you solve your problem. They are just providing a treatment. Like doctors who don’t really heal/cure your disease; they treat it — they treat the symptoms but give you a medication that creates another symptom to keep you coming back.

These individuals do the same; they only treat your symptom but they won’t heal you because thats less money for them. They want you at all their events, buying all their books and attending all their seminars.

When in a crisis, you become prey to all those individuals because you are just hoping that something will work. You will try any and everything just to lessen the crisis by a smidge.


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