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Power of Self-Healing

Our body’s are more intelligent than we can imagine. One of the ways that makes our bodies so intelligent is the ability to SELF HEAL.

Let’s look at how our body responds to an cold virus. The symptoms that you usually experience are part of your body’s reaction to the illness; it’s attempt to fight off the cold.

  1. Sneezing: a forceful gust of air from the nose, which is capable of expelling invading organisms

  2. Coughing: another way to get rid of the virus

  3. Mucus: lining your nose which usually forms a watery lurid is used as a way to repel the attackers

  4. Fever which develops if the virus starts to upgrade, causes the body to increase the number of white blood cells the body produces in order to fight the infection

Our bodies natural response is to protect us, to destroy any infectious agents

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