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Portion Control 101

Portion Control when Shopping:

  1. Purchase 100% juice in individual containers that keep your portion to eight ounces.

  2. Select individual portions of light entrees from the frozen food section.

  3. Buy snack foods that are already divideed into single servings so you are not tempted by the whole bag or box.

Portion Control when Dining at Home:

  1. Start your meal with a low-calorie soup

  2. Use smaller plates

  3. Don’t keep serving bowls of food on the table

  4. Resist having second helpings

  5. Remember that “cleaning your plate” is unhealthy if there’s too much food on it

Portion Control when Eating Out:

  1. Avoid buffets

  2. Ask for a take-away container when you first place your order, and put some food in the container before you even start to eat

  3. Share your meal with a companion

  4. Eat slowly so your body has a chance to tell you when it’s full

Portion Control when Choosing Fast Food:

  1. If possible, eat an apple before heading out for fast food

  2. Never super size anything

  3. Order a kid’s meal. They contain what used to be portions for adults

  4. If buying a soda, choose a small size instead of large. And don’t refill the cup

Portion Control when Snacking:

  1. If single-serving containers aren’t available, read the package label to learn what size a serving is, such as a cup or an ounce. Then measure this out, paying attention to what it looks like so you can “eyeball” it from then on

  2. Don’t eat from the package. Place a serving of the snack in a bowl, or divide the contents of a large package into several smaller containers right from the start

  3. Choose light ice cream bars instead of ice cream by the gallon

  4. Store particularly tempting foods out of immediate eyesight, such as at the back of the freezer or on a high shelf

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