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Plant Based Meat Alternatives Are Not Food

*information obtained from Larrabee Herbs (located in Elmwood Park, Illinois)


HEXANE — made from crude oil. Pure n-hexane is a colorless liquid with a slightly disagreeable odor. The major use for solvents containing hexane is to extract vegetable oils from crops such as soybeans. Inhaling hexane causes nerve damage and paralysis of the arms and legs. If hexane is spilled on the ground, most of it evaporates before it can soak into the soil. Hexane is not concentrated by plants, fish or animals. The most likely exposure to hexane is by breathing in air contaminated with hexane in the air. Since it is in gasoline, nearly everyone is exposed to very small amounts of hexane in the air. Exposure can occur at work and at home from using products containing hexane with proper ventilation.

Pea and Soy Protein are extracted with Hexane. Not all Hexane is removed and is a neurotoxin — no safe limits have been tested by the F.D.A ( Food & Drugs Administration)

Beyond Beef Ingredients

  1. Pea Protein Isolate

  2. Canola Oil

  3. Water

  4. Yeast Extract

  5. Maltodextrin

  6. Natural Flavor

  7. Gum Arabic

  8. Sunflower Oil

  9. Salt

  10. Succinic Acid

  11. Modified Food Starch

  12. Methycellulose (Wood Pulp)

  13. Potato Starch

  14. Vegetable Glycerin

  15. Beet Juice For Color

  16. Cellulose from Bamboo Wood Pulp


Impossible Burger Ingredients

  1. Soy Protein Isolate

  2. Coconut Oil

  3. Sunflower Oil

  4. Textured Wheat Protein

  5. Potato Starch

  6. Xantham Gum

  7. Konrad Gum

  8. Yeast Extract

  9. Cultured Dextrose

  10. Modified Food Starch

  11. Soy Leghemoglobin (less than 2%)

  12. Salt

  13. Soy Protein Isolate

  14. Mixed Tocopheryls (B1, B2, B12)


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