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Passion vs Interest

There is a big difference between a passion and interest. Passion is here to stay and interests fade away.

Passion = Full Time

This means that you wake up thinking about this and go to bed thinking about this. You don’t see your passion as a job/career because it’s what you feel like you were born to do. You will do this even if you weren’t paid for it because it comes from the heart; there are emotions attached to your passion. Usually you would want your passion to lead to your occupation.

Interest = Part Time

This means that soon as you’re busy; you will stop doing whatever you are interested in. For example, if you are interested in making Youtube videos but you get too busy; those videos will have to be put on hold. Even though they are a interest of yours and can even be a high interest; it’s not your calling so once you become super busy they will have to be but on the back burner. Despite being able to come back and always pick it up; your interest gets less than 25 hours a week of your time.

Now, that you know the difference between the two. What things do you feel that you are passionate about and what things do you have a interest in? I feel that it’s important to know the difference because you don’t want to make an interest your occupation. Doing that will not be beneficial to you and could be detrimental to your health. However, making your passion your occupation will be like hitting a gold mine because now you every time you rise (if God’s will) you will be looking forward to your day and not dreading it.

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