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Passion v. Interest

There is a HUGE difference between passion and interest.

Passion = Full Time

Interest = Part Time


Passion: is doing something that you love, doing something that excites you, doing something that puts a smile on your face, doing something that drives you.

For example, my passion is HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE. I want people to be holistically healthy. Healthy Mind, Body and Soul. I would also say my passion is teaching because I love to share what I’ve learned with others so they too can do the same.

Interest: is going something but as soon as life gets busy you stop doing it. It’s something that has 50% of your interest. Meaning you like doing it, but you wouldn’t care too much if you weren’t able to.

For example, one of my interest is playing sports. However, once life gets busy, I won’t be playing sports as much as I normally would.

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