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Only WE Can Save Us

*information obtained from Salt, Sugar & Fat by Michael Pollan

We are in charge of ourselves so we must take the necessary steps to prevent illness/sickness.

You can start by reading the food labels so you will know what you are consuming and how much you are consuming, This will lead you into making better choices and helps you better control your food environment. In addition, you can start to maximize the use of fresh foods like fruits and vegetables which will help you not only control your calories, but it will also help you control your intake of fat, salt and sugar which are the 3 silent killers when it comes to optimal health.

This notion of seizing control in order to ward off an unhealthy dependence on processed food may be the best recourse we have in the short term. Consumer advocates are pushing the government to compel the food industry to undertake a wide range of changes in their formulations and marketing, including large reductions in their loads of salt, sugar and unhealthy fats, restrictions on what foods can be sold through school vending machines, and redesigns of labels to make their nutritional information easier to read. But if the government or industry resists, the changes could take many years. In the meantime, only we can save us. Page 343

We must take control of the food we consume. We can’t solely rely on food corporations. Because as we see, they are focused on sales and not on consumers health. We need to focus on ingredients rather than calories. We need to focus on quality over quantity. Let’s start back having family dinners so we can control what we eat and focus on how much we eat. Society has changed the way we eat. They have told us we need 3 meals a day with 2-3 snacks throughout the day. In reality, we don’t really need to do that; we just need to focus on giving our body quality nutrition which will help prolong hunger. We are not really hungry; we just have been eating snacks which are low in nutrition so our body still craves nutrition throughout the day.

When a lot us grew up there were three meals a day, and maybe a planned snack at bedtime and that was it. That changed. People began eating everywhere, in meetings or walking down the street. There’s no place where food isn’t acceptable now, and people are so busy they don’t make time to sit down for meals. We have to encourage families to eat together, and that used to be automatic Page 342

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