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No Social Media Sunday’s

Starting today and for the rest of the month, I won’t be consuming any form of social media on Sunday’s. Sundays will be my day of relaxing, reorganizing, planning, and prioritizing. I want to fully be in the moment when I am talking to family, friends or other beings. Doing these will help me break the habit of constantly checking my phone and help me start better be in the presence.

Forms of Social Media (there are tons) ones I know or use personally

  1. YouTube

  2. Instagram

  3. Twitter

  4. Facebook

  5. Vimeo

  6. Snapchat

  7. LinkedIn

  8. Skype

  9. WhatsApp

  10. Google

  11. Yahoo

  12. Flickr

  13. Foursquare

  14. Reddit

  15. Google Plus

  16. Tik Tok

  17. Tumblr

  18. SoundCloud (not in my eyes but they are known as a social media platform)

  19. Spotify (not in my eyes but they are known as a social media platform)

So you may be wondering what things I could do

  1. Read

  2. Journal | recap of my week

  3. Exercise

  4. Spend time with FAM

  5. Go grounding / spend time in nature

  6. Go biking

  7. Cook

  8. Work on goals

  9. Meditate

  10. Listen 2 Music

Will you join me as I start #NoSocialMediaSunday ?

P.S. I’ll upload my phone summary at the end of the day to show you that I didn’t consume any social media. Follow me on Instagram: TezFitness to see the post. I’ll post it every Monday (day after).

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