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No Regrets

I ran across a quote the other night that’s been stuck with me, “Stop thinking about the things that you want to do and just start doing them, stay consistent and you’ll figure it out.” Often times we get so caught up in the uncertainties of life, caught up in wondering what can go wrong when executing our goals so much so that we become stagnant and do nothing. We continuously put off our dreams and goals. If you’re like me, you do this primarily out of fear of the unknown or fear of failure. But what I’m learning in life is that it’s important to lean into those uncertainties, face your fears of the unknown because that’s the only path to true growth in life.

Stop putting off your goals and just start building on those goals, lean into that uncertainty and you will begin to figure things out for your life, you will find out who you are in that process and begin to really make a positive splash in this world. Choosing to start to execute on your goals is the first important step the next thing is to stay consistent. Consistency is KING! Seriously though by making a commitment every day to work towards your dreams you will find yourself getting closer to it.

But then again none of these things are possible without you getting the ideas that you have in your head into the world by choosing to act on them, then once you begin to act on them. Then once you start to act just push yourself to work on the goals you have every day, you’ll even begin to find the more consistent you become, the harder it’ll be to put your dreams on hold. So today, find out what is holding you back, find out what is stopping you from being where you want to be. Then, once you find out what that is ask yourself the following questions, what is the worse that could happen to you if you chase your dreams? And is actually trying and then not hitting your goal worse than not trying at all? And if your answer is no then that means you need to lock in with Kobe-like focus lean into that uncertainty be consistent and get to work!

#mindset #positivity

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