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Nine Types of Proteins

  1. Enzymes – proteins that break molecules down to be absorbed by the body. If we didn’t have enzymes the metabolic process would happen too slowly and we would die.

  2. Structural Proteins – strengthen cells. ( collagen makes up 25% of the body’s total protein, it strengthen bones and connective tissue)

  3. Signaling Proteins – facilitate cellular communication. ( insulin is release in response to sugar consumption; it activates insulin receptors, which tell muscle and fat cells to store glucose)

  4. Regulatory Proteins – bind DNA and determine gene expression. ( the p53 protein prevents cancer by preventing a cell from dividing when its DNA is damaged)

  5. Transport Proteins – move nutrients around the body. ( hemoglobin receives oxygen from the lungs and transport it to all body cells)

  6. Sensory Proteins – facilitate our five senses.

  7. Motor Proteins – allow cells to move and change shape

  8. Defense Proteins – vital part of the immune system. Help ward off infections and heal the body. ( antibodies are defense proteins which attach to pathogens 🦠, signaling they need to be killed)

  9. Storage Proteins – store nutrients for later use

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