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Newest Workout Plan

Here is my workout plan for the rest of MARCH!

Who’s Joining Me??

Monday – Balance (5 rounds)

  1. Tree Pose

  2. Headstand

  3. Side Plank

  4. Plank

  5. Warrior Pose

  6. Candlestick

Tuesday – Legs ( 5 round x 15 reps)

  1. Bulgarian Split Squats

  2. Deadlift

  3. Leg Press ( single and double)

  4. Wall Sits

  5. Calf Raises

  6. Jump Rope

  7. 100 Bodyweight Squats

Wednesday – Abs (5 rounds x circuit)

  1. Hanging Leg Raises

  2. T-Bar Russian Twist

  3. Spider-Man Ball Rollouts

  4. Barbell Sit Ups

  5. Plank Spider Crawl

  6. L-Sit

  7. 100 Machine Crunches

Thursday – Arms/Shoulders (5 rounds x 15 reps)

  1. Biceps Hammer Curls w/ shoulder press

  2. One arm kettlebell stand ups

  3. Reverse curls w/ wrist curls

  4. DB isolating holds with band curls

  5. Chin Ups

  6. 100 Diamond Pushups

Friday – Chest/Back ( 5 rounds x 15 reps)

  1. DB Bench Press with Decline Pushups

  2. Hypertension with Cable Rows

  3. Wide Arm Pull Ups

  4. Single Arm DB Row

  5. Bosu Ball Pushups with Superman’s

  6. Wide Arm Pulldowns with Reverse

Saturday – Endurance

  1. Pool ( 5 laps)

  2. Spin Bike

  3. Boxing Bag w/ Kicking Bag

  4. Circuit: 100 jumping jacks, 100 Burpees x 2

Sunday – Yoga, Meditation, Mobility, Flexibility

  1. Mobility Drills

  2. Stretching Drills

  3. Yoga

  4. Sauna

  5. Meditation

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