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My Opinion on Routines

I feel like routines can be beneficial in certain areas of your life; but I also feel like routines block uncertainty from coming into your life. I say that because I have always heard advice about having grand rising routines and night routines which I feel like can be beneficial. Then, I think about how important change is and how routines can limit growth or change. For example, you have been doing this certain routine for months/years and now you become routine. You don’t change the up the routine at all because you like how it makes you feel.

I’m not saying that routines are bad; it’s just something I have pondered about. Besides that, routines can be very beneficial because when you are consistent that builds discipline and that can impact your life in a tremendous way.

So I guess I’m saying that you should change you routine from time to time. Switch it up to every now and then and be spontaneous. I sometimes don’t follow my grand rising routine because I like to do what I feel. I don’t want to feel like I have to do these certain things but I would rather do what flows and let things happen in divine order.

This is my option at the moment; I am not entitled to my opinion because I am always learning and growing which causes me to change my opinion/thoughts. We are not our opinions or thoughts and if you’re truly open to change you won’t be entitled to them.

Love, Peace and Hair Grease. Chips Ahoy & All Them Boys

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