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My Journey on Abstinence

I have been abstinence since March 1, 2019 which 1 year, 6 months and 6 days ago.

I decided to go down this journey as a way of self-improvement; I was getting away from the societal norms of constantly wasting your seed by having sex. Also, I wanted to cleanse myself of all the spirits I obtained from having sex with women; especially because when you have sex with someone they leave a part of themselves in you and you do the same.

I started to do semen retention and Nofap which is withholding your seed and not masturbating, watching porn or releasing your seed in anyway shape or form. I had went weeks, months and relapsed but that was just a way of strengthening myself to fully stop without ever looking back. Now, I can says it’s been 64 days since I started back on this lifestyle and I have not looked back since. This has brought mental clarity, increase of testosterone which increased my strength in the gym, more energy to work on my goals, and much more. I also don’t look at women in that lustful way; which is the way society has conditioned men to look at women.

I now look at women in a respectful way; I value their characteristic, traits, skills and more. I also value the feminine energy that they have. I am not saying that I don’t notice beautiful women; because I would be lying. I do but even when I notice them; I am not undressing them in my mind or having sex with them in my mind; I notice their exterior traits (looks, shape, color, etc.) but I am more focused on seeing about their personality. I now value the interior more than the exterior; meaning what kind of person you are, are you kind/loving/generous/etc.

I am waiting on my wife (LBS) so I am not rushing anything. I do not have the desire to just have sex with random women especially because I value myself and I know the purpose of sex; which is to procreate. Yes, sex can be used for intimacy but know that there are consequences to everything in life. I am not saying a child is a consequence of sex; it’s a outcome of sex. I don’t have the desire to be talking to multiple women at once but that takes time; which is a valuable currency especially since you can’t buy it or get it back once it’s gone.

There are many of way to show intimacy with your partner besides sex. Society has conditioned us to think that sex is the only way to show connection, love and intimacy with our partner. We need to get rid of that lie and desire new ways to show our love.

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