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Misleading Insurance

We are constantly being told that we need insurance.

  1. Auto insurance

  2. Life insurance

  3. Health insurance

  4. Home insurance

  5. Property insurance

  6. Disability insurance

  7. Renters insurance

  8. Flood insurance

  9. The list goes on and on and on…,,

However, in some cases we are told that the insurance that we have doesn’t cover certain procedures, certain plans, certain events and etc. Which means that you will have to come out of pocket which is money been wasted. So what was the point of buying insurance in the first place. HUH SWAY???

So what’s the real point of insurance? Why can’t there be a one size fits all type? If they really are about protecting and insuring; then why don’t we protect the people’s pockets. With all the bills people have today, they don’t even have time for themselves. Like why isn’t insurance automatically included; why do we have to pay for insurance when we buy a house, car — why isn’t it included?

The RANT is over; all I’m saying is some things are a priority and some are just scams to get more money out if you. No saying insurance is a scam; but I have some questions about it, not too quick to follow the Norm.

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