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Make “NOFAP” a Lifestyle

Learn to make NoFap a lifestyle by changing the idea from a physical aspect to a spiritual aspect. To become connected with the divine source when you refrain from flesh.

Learn how to cultivate that energy and make it a lifestyle.

Do it for the health factor, the spiritual factor, discipline factor and for life preservation.


No Fap is an ancient practice known for life perseverance.

When men ejaculate we are depleting ourselves in numerous ways.

We give away portions of our personality, portions of our flesh and portions of our most important amino acids which we use to create life. When we release we are giving away life. It takes away our life so we can create/give life.

When you hold that life force in you grow, because it’s a seed. (whatever you plant grows) It grows inside of you. You should use that to your advantage of becoming the person you dream of being by cultivating that energy.


Women sense it. They sense that you are carrying something very powerful and they want it.

Your pheromones will be growing constantly day by day. So the more you refrain the stronger they will be.

Women will be able to sense that you are doing something that most men are not doing. They will smell your pheromones.

You can actually attract beautiful women through NoFap.

The longer you go with No Fap, the more pheromones you’ll have and they will be uncontrollably loud to the opposite sex and even the same sex. You will also become more masculine and coincidentally more dominant.

Use No Fap to be more creative. Use this energy to your advantage. Surround yourself with fellow No Fappers.

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